Katie's Valentine's Day Pics

Here are some of my favorite recent finds that would be perfect for Valentine's Day! My New Year's Resolution was to make memorable experiences for my family. While I love to give gifts, it's being with the people I love that matters most. Maybe I'll try to cook a special breakfast on February 14th with Mrs. Pat's homemade biscuits? They memories of the card and chocolates may fade but those biscuits are unforgettable! This could be a fun new tradition.

for the traveler or teen/tween

Lenora Embroidered Travel Bags

Lenora’s Embroidered Travel bags are a stylish and practical solution for organizing and transporting your beauty products. With its elegant embroidery, ample storage, and convenient features, it combines beauty and functionality. It would make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves exquisite details.

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for the entertainer

Promenade Picnic Tote for Two

This monogramable on-the-go picnic tote offers practicality and charm. It's designed to make your outdoor picnic experience easy and enjoyable, making it a fabulous choice for a Valentine's Day date or any romantic outing. Of course, every southern belle loves a monogram!

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perfect for any mom (or dog mom!)

Oak and Luna necklace

This beautiful Gold Vermeil necklace offers personalization and style. You can create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your unique taste and wear it in a way that complements your individual fashion sense. Whether that's through layering or keeping it elegantly simple, it's a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection and a great gift option for someone special.

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for any parent or grandparent

Aura Frame- Carver Digital Frame

My sister gave this digital frame to me for Christmas one year, and my family absolutely loves it. I keep it in the kitchen, and I find my kids friends watching to see what the next pictures that will pop up will be. This frame makes it incredibly easy to share and display photos. Once you set it up with an app, you can invite friends and family to send pictures to the digital frame. So, no matter if you live across the country or right next door, you can view surprise memories that were taken from someone other than yourself.

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